A Bit About Us

North American Peruvian Horse Association

The North American Peruvian Horse Association’s mission is to serve as a member-represented equine association; protect the integrity and accuracy of breed records and registration process; provide services to meet the needs of the show and recreational owner/rider; and promote the Peruvian Horse.

The Smoothest Riding Horse in the World!

There is “something for everyone” in this smooth, elegant animal; riding comfort, strength and stamina for the avid trail rider; calm tractable disposition so important in the family mount; arrogant, flashy presence and action which set the exhibitor and parade rider apart from others.


Member Benefits

Learn more about the programs we offer for the Peruvian Horse Breed in North America & for our NAPHA members.

Registration Services

NAPHA is responsible for protecting the integrity and accuracy of breed records and the registration process. We register both pureblood & part-blood Peruvian horses. Click to find all the necessary forms & contact information to register your Peruvian Horse today!

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Regional Clubs

The following Clubs welcome your inquiries and participation.  Many put on regional shows, organize trail rides, and social activities for their members AND they welcome aficionados (those who do not yet own a Peruvian Horse! Contact YOUR regional club(s) for further information.

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Show Approvals

NAPHA approves over 20 regional shows across the United States each year.

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Joy of Riding

The North American Peruvian Horse Association (NAPHA) Joy of Riding Program has been established to give National recognition to the pleasure and competitive rider and his Peruvian Horse for time in the saddle outside traditional Peruvian Horse Shows. For each “hour landmark” reached, return the hours log and you will receive a Joy of Riding Patch and certificate. PLUS you will receive one of many great awards!

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US National Show

The NAPHA US National show will be held at WestWorld
Scottsdale, Az on Oct. 11-13, 2019. Click here for additional information on our National show !

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Trail Horse Testing

The Trail Horse Test Program (THTP) provides a way to demonstrate your horse’s ability to perform trail riding skills based on a series of tests that gauges the horse’s natural ability and training against a standard of performance. This is not a competitive trail obstacle course, but a measure of your horse’s abilities to complete the tasks normally performed before, during, and after a trail ride. The elements of the test are what we expect from a well-trained Peruvian pleasure horse.

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NAPHA Latest News & Announcements

Call for Nominations for NAPHA Board of Directors

Dear NAPHA Members, One term on the NAPHA Board of Directors will end December 31, 2020.  Owner/Members, as defined in section 4.3 of the by-laws, are asked to submit three names for inclusion in the fall ballot.  RETURNED NOMINATIONS SHALL

Live Click Auction – Bidding Begins July 4th!

Because of venue restrictions, we can’t have a silent auction at our National Show. So we’re going online! Show your support for NAPHA. Money raised from the auction will help make up for income lost due to pandemic-related event cancellations.